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PPI резисторы

Broadband Resistors

Broadband Resistor Series Information

PPI Broadband thin-film resistors are designed to operate over a frequency range extending from DC to as high as 67 GHz. Precision laser trimming ensures the tight tolerances needed to achieve superior performance at ultra-high frequencies. These resistors are wire-or-ribbon-bondable, or can be used in a flip-chip configuration.

Case Size Style STD Resistance Power Operating Frequency Data Sheet S-Parameters Quotes & Samples
1209 (.012″ x .009″) 1/2 50Ω 50 mW DC to 67 GHz
1209 (.012″ x .009″) 1/2 100Ω 50 mW DC to 67 GHz
2010 (.020″ x .010″) 1 50Ω 100 mW DC to 48 GHz
2010 (.020″ x .010″) 1 100Ω 250 mW DC to 50 GHz



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